A New Life

WHEN RICHARD DAVIS WAS 17 YEARS OLD, he met a girl in high school and they had a baby. Four years later they had another child and things started to change. He started hanging out with friends more and spending more time drinking and partying. He left his first partner and went straight into another relationship with someone else. She was already pregnant with Richard’s daughter. He continued this pattern of drinking, misusing social media and not treating women well for 10 years, at which point Richard had 5 children with 3 different women. He felt so self- centred. There were times where he resolved that he would change, but Richard always ended up relapsing into old patterns. “God was there for me and I was always in God’s heart but I never let Him in my heart”, Richard expressed. He wanted to do things on his own, with his own brute strength and willpower, but simply couldn’t. After being stuck in this loop for 10 years, Richard finally surrendered to God and began to change.

“As I started walking with God, I felt so much more peace and strength. I just felt free. Jesus is the answer.”

For the past few months Richard has been walking with God. He has been taking his sons to Bible study with the local pastor. These Bible studies have made a huge difference in his life because as much as Richard thought he could do things on his own, he kept falling back into temptation. “We still have problems, we have our ups and downs, and we live in a sinful nature but living with God is just so much more peaceful and there are different tools on how to deal with things the right way.”

Marta Rutkowska

Richard's Story
Faces Of Finke

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