East Coast Endeavours

FAMILY TIME IN NATURE IS ONE OF THE MOST ENGAGING AND MEMORABLE ACTIVITIES and it’s great for strengthening relationships. This spring, block some family time out in your diary, jump in the car and explore the great outdoors. Here are some experiences on our family wish list.

Mount Tomaree Lookout

THE THREE BAYS This first one is a gem. Slap on some sturdy shoes and be off with the family on a hike with an eye-catching view. You can hike up Mount Tomaree in Shoal Bay. It will take around 1-2 hours to do the return trip with a family. Once you get to the top, the view is breathtaking!

Mount Tomaree Lookout

If you want to take it a little easier, you can jump on a dolphin and whale watching cruise at Nelson Bay. Imagine seeing an 18-metre whale that weighs 40 tonnes!

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Be sure to bring your camera. 15 minutes down the road to Anna Bay you will find the magnificent Birubi Beach, which is home to camel riding and sand surfing. Or feel free to just relax and enjoy the beach. There’s also a cafe on shore so you can grab a feed for the family while you are there.

Camel Riding Sand Surfing

BYRON BAY Sometimes all you want to do is relax and just enjoy some quiet time, right? Well here you will definitely experience that. Cape Byron Lighthouse is located at the most easterly point of Australia and offers a stunning view of the coastline. Be sure to tick this location off your list! The best times to catch the pastel shades of pink, blue and orange are sunrise and sunset. Definitely set aside sometime to relax and enjoy this location.

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Take a stroll through the Byron Farmers Markets. They are open every Thursday 7am-11am. Standing by their slogan of being local and authentic, it is certain that when you buy from these markets, you are getting the produce direct from the farmer.

Byron Farmers Markets

Hiring a bike is also a great way to explore Byron Bay’s outer beaches and rainforest.

Bike Tracks Around Byron Bay

PORT MACQUARIE In the charming coastal town of Port Macquarie, Taking Point Lighthouse presents remarkable panoramic views along Australia’s Mid-North Coast. This lighthouse is the thirteenth oldest lighthouse in Australia. It holds much history and is a very popular sighting location during whale season.

Taking Point Lighthouse

Imagine walking along a wooden boardwalk in the middle of a rainforest. The tree branches are alive with nesting birds. The seven-meter- high rainforest above completely surrounds you. In the distance there’s a rustle - a goanna roaming around below. This is Sea Acres Rainforest Centre. The breezy 1.3km boardwalk trail is perfect for a few hours out with your loved ones.

Sea Acres Rainforest Centre

TWEED HEADS Have you ever wanted to snorkel with turtles? At Water Sports Guru you can. This is one of the few places where you can almost be certain that you will see turtles. Be ready to check this experience off your bucket list! Water Sports Guru can also teach you how to surf, SUP (stand up paddle boarding) and much more. If you love water sports or just enjoy being in the water, these places are definitely for you.

Water Sports Guru

If you love animals, then you are going to enjoy David Fleay Wildlife Park. This park is home to koalas, wallabies, dingos, cassowaries, emus, pademelons and so many other different wildlife species. Be sure to go around the whole park and say hi to all the animals there.

David Fleay Wildlife Park

Not too far from Tweed Heads is Tropical Fruit World. This location gives a unique experience to people who love food, nature, health and well-being. Entry to the café and markets are free but if you would like to experience a tour of the farm you will need to purchase tickets. The admission fee includes a fully guided tour of the orchard by tractor train, along with exotic fruit tasting. After that you’ll visit their animal park and then unwind with a boat cruise through the bushland valley.

Tropical Fruit World

COFFS HARBOUR This next spot is located further down the coast. The iconic jetty in Coffs Harbour is perfect for a peaceful ocean stroll. Just across from the jetty is Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve - a small mountain with impressive scenic views. During summer you might even spot Humpback whales on their way down south to feed in the Southern Ocean. Coffs Harbour is also home to a Dolphin Marine Park - if you or the kids fancy being kissed by a seal or dolphin. Australia’s iconic Big Banana is also nearby so if you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely drop by for the ‘obligatory’ tourist photo. Some amazing local beaches that you might want to check out include Jetty Beach and Diggers Beach.

Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve

Enjoy your east coast endeavours!

Marta Rutkowska

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