Turning Exercise Green

7 ways you can turn your exercise routine green.

These days you’d have to be living under a rock if you weren’t aware of how much damage we are doing to our environment. Reducing our carbon footprint should be something we are at least thinking about, and where possible taking regular action to improve.

Can this be done when it comes to our fitness and workout routine? Absolutely!

Alisha Christie Unleash Fit Living

1. Do more exercise outdoors – by reducing the use of electrical equipment like treadmills and venues like gyms that use tons of energy, we are not only reducing our personal contribution to energy consumption, we also get the benefits of fresh air, sunshine and exposure to negative ions (if we are lucky enough to be coastal) from exercising outdoors.

2. Use second-hand or eco-friendly workout gear & equipment – Setting yourself up at home with some basic workout equipment doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal. Check pages like Gumtree, Facebook marketplace and local buy, swap sell groups for second- hand equipment that’s still in good working condition. There are also many eco-friendly companies now that provide excellent quality workout clothes and equipment that have “environment-friendly” as their top values

3. Buy a reusable water bottle – As easy as it is to forget your water bottle and buy a new Mount Franklin every exercise session, just a little effort and investment in a plastic-free one will be better for your health & the environment.

4. Fuel-free commutes – if you live close enough, why not bike it or jog to your workout location and use it as your warm up and cool down?

5. Buy local – find your local farmers market & get better produce while supporting local business. As we know, eating unprocessed, whole foods, mostly plant-based will in and of itself lessen our carbon footprint.

6. Exercise at home – it’s convenient, private and difficult to avoid your own lounge room! Jump on our YouTube channel (go to YouTube. com and search for Unleash Fit Living) and get your sweat session done without leaving the house.

7. Get exercise-social – find a workout buddy, join an outdoor group fitness challenge, or jump on a local sports team. That way you’ll lessen the use of energy of a 24/7 gym and get the benefit of social interaction.

We’d love to hear from you how you’re greening your exercise routine!

Alisha Christie
Unleash Fit Living

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