Jesse's Story

"To truly take somebody for who they are, no matter how broken they are, that’s something different. That’s the true Character of God. No matter what you’ve done, He can fix you and He can make you new"

Rochelle's Story

 "I feel that everyone who doesn’t know God are searching for something. Only God can truly fill that part of your life."

Benjamin's Story

“I tend to believe things are false unless I have a good reason to believe they are true.” Benjamin shares with us his conclusions about God and faith.

Daniel's Story

When you read about the love that Jesus had for people, you just sit there and go ‘I only wish I have the capacity to be that selfless and that wonderful towards other people who hate me.’

The Evidence of a Changed Life

One thing no one can ever take from me is what I’ve seen with my own eyes. There is nothing else that can fill the void in your life but Jesus. What is stopping you from trying Him today?
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